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This allows the device to put the main application processor to sleep while the screen is off, so only the DSP is parsing audio from the microphone to determine if a hotword phrase was uttered. Besides the last feature I just mentioned, the other two have problems with discoverability. Mini Screen View only works in portrait mode, but it has no other limitations. You can browse web pages, watch videos, text friends, pull down the status bar, etc.

Enabling Mini Screen View is easy. If you have the 3 button navigation bar, you can shift the screen to the bottom left by swiping from the right to the left on the navigation bar. If you swipe from the left to the right on the navigation bar, the screen will shift to the bottom right. If you have the navigation gestures enabled, you can swipe from the bottom left or bottom right corner to shift the screen to the bottom left or bottom right respectively.

Repeating any of these actions, tapping outside of the mini screen view area, or locking the phone will restore the screen back to its normal state. Once enabled, the launcher is heavily simplified. Apart from the live weather and calendar tiles at the top of each page, the rest of the tiles are simply shortcuts to various stock apps. Custom tiles let you add a shortcut to any contact or app of your choice. Tapping on Wallpaper, Text size, Sounds, or Display will bring you to their respective settings pages, while tapping on Wi-Fi, Mobile data, or Bluetooth will simply toggle that radio.

Location Of - Huawei Honor 7 PLK-L01 Real-Time GPS Tracking

However, we all have relatives who could do with a simpler UI, which is where Simple Mode comes in. Alternatively, if you buy a Huawei or Honor device to give to a relative, you can advise them to keep Simple Mode enabled. There are simpler smartphones on the market aimed at senior citizens, but they make a lot of hardware compromises to keep costs down. Giving an elderly relative a larger smartphone with a great camera and Simple Mode enabled can keep them happy, at least based on my experience.

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Huawei Imei Tracker

Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. View a Demo Map. With LocationOf you can view the location of one or more mobile devices live from your desktop computer, or, within the mobile application itself.

How To Delete Huawei Id

A mobile phone or tablet calculates it's location by receiving radio signals from GPS satellites in space. Huawei recently released a new smartphone named as Honor 8.

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It has everything to make it stand next to the top smartphones of this year. It has top-notch specs and elegant body. Look and feel of honor 8 is amazing. The body of honor 8 is said to have 15 layers glass. Honor 8 has two 12 megapixel lens on the backside. It gives you vivid pictures. One lens allows you to capture colors and another monochrome lens gives light and sharpness to pictures.

It also has 8-megapixel front-facing camera. It is said to have the fastest fingerprint scanner on the back.

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  • Touching on the fingerprint scanner unlocks the phone in less than a second. Honor 8 also supports NFC. Honor 8 is powered is by octa-core CPU in which 4 processors are locked at 2. It has a 5. It is running on EMUI 4. If you have lost your honor 8.