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The new telephoto lens pops in at 2x and then handles the digital zoom out to 8x using a hybrid system. It's good quality too - and while it's a lot less effective at night or in low light, in daylight you'll get passable results out to 8x and better results if you don't need to zoom so much. This is a big improvement in terms of zoom for the Pixel.

Google has also boosted the skills of Night Sight. The first aspect of this is that it's better in low-light without Night Sight turned on: you can take a passable low-light photo without engaging Night Sight, so it's much more like the Huawei P30 Pro in that sense. Night Sight will still be recommended and it's still a great system - but now it's rivalled by a lot of other devices, like the Apple iPhone Beyond that, Google has added an astrophotography mode. Taken at face value this might seem little more than novelty value, but it's really Google showing what's possible.

To use the mode you'll have to have your phone steady - on a tripod, for example - and then it will take photos in series of long exposures with some cleaning up as it goes. Yes, it takes about four minutes to get a photo, but the results are amazing and it's easy to do.

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You might never get the chance to use it, but there's real power here - and at lot of that comes back to Google's computational photography. In regular shooting, Google continues the stellar performance we're used to: it will give a great photo in pretty much all conditions. The saturation of the display adds real pop to them - more akin to Samsung's devices - and it's still a great phone for portraits, both on the front and rear cameras.

One advantage Google has over other devices is that it uses the main camera for portraits, whereas some rivals use the telephoto lens, resulting in lower quality pictures. But there's one new area that's really interesting and something we've not seen on other phones.

Android Security Rewards Program Rules

Google calls it dual exposure, but don't confuse that with dual exposure of a manual film camera. What it does is take the idea of HDR and ramp it up, allowing you to independently set the foreground levels and background levels. That means you can lighten a foreground against a bright sky, or change levels to make a silhouette - or just tweak the image at the point of capture rather than afterwards in editing software. It's a powerful tool, but you need to be in the right situation to use it, and in all honesty, since review testing we've barely touched it.

For all the goodness - and there's so much here that's fantastic - with a third wide-angle camera becoming the norm, that's what photo fans will miss. It's offered by a number of rivals.

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Yes, you can use Google's existing Photo Sphere function to take those pictures, but it's not as swift, fast or natural as a dedicated lens. The Pixel 4 XL runs a pure version of Android 10 , with a few additions to stand it apart from some of the other leading Android smartphones. There's a voice recorder app that will live transcribe your notes and turn them into text.

Pixel 4 price and availability

That text is also searchable, meaning it's great for students or journalists. It works well, but does make some mistakes in transcription - but you can easily listen to the recording and change those words as necessary. All the processing happens on the device, so it's not data hungry, and it's exclusive to the Pixel. For how long remains to be seen, but it's another good example of Google's leaning towards a smarter device experience.

Google Pixel 4 Unboxing and Camera Test! - ASMR

We've long been fans of the Pixel's position with Android. Being at the front of the queue for updates remains a real advantage for those keen to have the latest Google functions, but it's not quite the advantage that it once was. Other manufacturers are getting better at updating - and some are better at optimising the software experience too. OnePlus has been fast to update to Android 10 and its phones generally run a little smoother than Google's too.

Still, we love the software and the overall experience of uncluttered Android - and this might be one of the core reasons for buying this phone. With a lack of flagship-grade pure Android handsets, the Pixel almost becomes the default choice. A: If a bug does not affect the latest version of Android available on an eligible device currently for sale in the U.

Google Assistant is now available on Android and iPhone mobiles

A: We would still request that you submit the report. We are likely only be able to reward the first person who reports a bug to us, but will determine that on a case by case basis. A: A remote attack vector means that the exploit could be launched against a target without regard for the device's physical location. Proximal means that the exploit must be launched in close physical proximity to the device.

iPhone 11 vs Pixel 4: Comparing Apple and Google's flagship phones

For example, an attack involving a bug in the WiFi, radio, Bluetooth, or NFC stacks require being physically proximal to the target device. We consider attacks against USB to be a physical attack vector, and exploits are rewarded the same as if the exploit was launched from an app. A: We mean that the integrity of the kernel has been breached. This could be achieved with arbitrary code execution in the kernel or with arbitrary kernel writes — for example, to disable SELinux.

A: These bugs are often eligible e. Note that we assign the severity rating based on the impact to Android. Only bugs that can be manifest or exploited through Android will be eligible. We're interested in rewarding any information that enables us to better protect our users. In the event of bugs in an external component, we are happy to take care of responsibly notifying other affected parties. A: Yes. If selected as the recipient of a reward, and you accept, we will need your contact details in order to pay you.

However, at your discretion and if you ask us before the bug is made public, we can credit the bug to "anonymous" and remove identifying information from the patch and bug entry. A: When submitting a bug, please include steps to reproduce the issue and a working proof of concept to maximize your reward.

Get it fast.

We are willing to accept a fully working exploit a few weeks after the initial report. Exploits and proofs of concept submitted outside of this time frame are unlikely to be rewarded. A: We would strongly prefer that report submissions take place through the Android Security issue template. However, submissions can be sent directly to security -at- android -dot- com although submissions through this channel are typically not eligible for rewards payouts. We are unable to issue rewards to individuals who are on sanctions lists, or who are in countries e.

You are responsible for any tax implications depending on your country of residency and citizenship.

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There may be additional restrictions on your ability to enter depending upon your local law. This is not a competition, but rather an experimental and discretionary rewards program. You should understand that we can cancel the program at any time and the decision as to whether or not to pay a reward has to be entirely at our discretion.

Of course, your testing must not violate any law, or disrupt or compromise any data that is not your own. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, we will not grant rewards to people employed by Google or Google Partner companies who develop code for devices covered by this program.

Application Security Skip to content. The actual reward amount is at the discretion of the rewards committee and depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to : Whether there is a detailed writeup describing how the exploit works. The initial attack vector ie. Whether the exploit is device- or build-specific, or whether it works across a broad set of builds and devices.

The amount of user interaction required for the exploit to work. Whether the user could feasibly detect that an exploit is in progress or has completed. Activate and save Terms apply. Display 5. Storage Up to GB. Front Camera 8MP.

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Weight g or g. Battery mAh or mAh. Weight g g XL Size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process. Dimensions OS Android Fullscreen 5. Rear Cameras Tele 16MP 1.